Allah Maha Pengampun

Janganlah bersedih akibat dosa2 mu yang lampau…kerana sesungguhnya Allah Maha Pengampun..

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Ya Allah..maafkan aku..sesungguhnya aku tidak bermaksud begitu..

Maafkan aku

Kerana kealpaanku

Jika aku tidak menjaga diriku dgn baik



Bukan itu maksudku

Walaupun kadangkala perlakuan ku

Melambangkan itu

Ya Allah

Izinkan aku

Untuk memperbaiki diriku

Dan peliharalah diriku

Hanya untuk dia

” Ya Allah..maafkan aku..ssungguhnya aku tidak bermaksud begitu..”

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Remember..Allah is always there..

Alhamdulillah..I can be considered lucky..coz I am blessed with a lot of frens who care..

Whenever I feel down, sad, fear or frens were always there for me..

Whenever I needed support, they’ll give me strength..

Whenever I needed help, they’ll always offer a hand..

Whenever I needed an advice, they’ll give without hesitation..

Thank you Allah for giving me such nice friends which I can rely on..

I love them all.. n I miss them.. how I wish I can still be with them like d old days..

And thanks frens..though we are far apart..u will always be in my heart :)

i miss all of u!!thanks for being such good frens..

I remembered once I was badly affected by the disease that attacked me..and I nearly stumbled..I wasn’t strong enough to face them all alone..but a good friend of mine saved me..from far far far away..thank God..she gave me a beautiful poem, and told me to remain steadfast..

Remember..Allah is always there..

In your times of deep despair,
Do you feel there is no hope?

As the darkness closes in on you,
Do you feel you cannot cope?

As you struggle on through every trial,
Do you say “When will it end”?

As you cry yourself to sleep at night,
Do you wish you had a friend?

When your body’s racked with aches and pains,
Do you feel you are alone?

When you think about the future,
Do you fear the great unknown?

There is someone who really cares,
And He hears your every cry.

His arms are reaching out to you,
And on Him you can rely.

When things close in around you,
He sees your fear and doubt

He wants to hold you in His arms,
And He will never cast you out.

As you stumble through the darkness,
He will be your guiding light.

He wants to wipe away your tears,
For you are precious in His sight.

Reach out right now to Allah,
And let Him take complete control

He’ll take that heavy burden,
And He’ll touch and make you whole.

He’s reaching out His arms to you,
And He wants to be your friend.

Let Him take you in His loving arms,
For His love will never end.

In the HADITH we are informed that if we WALK towards ALLAH, HE will
run unto us!!!

by: Adilah W.A.R


And Alhamdulillah..I regain my strength..

Ya Allah..ampunilah dosaku dan jadikanlah aku di kalangan org2 yang paling sabar menerima ketentuanMu..

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The REAL me..

at the hospital..

no one can really understand me. NO ONE. except Allah..

I am always exhausted, extremely fatigue..

I feel as though I don’t have enough oxygen and always out of breath..

I remember holding a glass of water and noticing how incredibly heavy it was, as if it was a 20-pound weight..

I feel like I am suffocating. It takes all the strength I have just to accomplish minor tasks; everything is a struggle..

I always have massive headaches and constant fever..

Sometimes my muscle aches, my whole body is in pain..

Sometimes I experience bleedings which I cannot figure out what the source is..

Sometimes my visions can become blur all of sudden and I can easily go black-out at any time..

All the time I am always forced to let go of everything I wanted most in life, my dreams, my future, EVERYTHING..

Can’t join activities, can’t play, can’t have fun with friends under the sun, its like living in an invisible cage..

Can’t get tired, can’t be stressed, can’t be sad – my body will easily kills me..

And to know the fact that my organs are deteriorating really scares me. What could be worse than that?

That’s the REAL me. I live in fear.

Despite all that, I try to appreciate the life I have now, try to fill my life with full of happiness, try to live and LOOK as normal as I can be, coz I want to BE normal.

I just hope that people around me will understand and can accept me just the way I am.

Dear friends, please understand me, please help me, please take care of me, and please help me to take care of myself coz I’m not yet ready to die..

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i’m really confused…

should i wait??

would it be worth??


its time that i

learn how to handle everything…

on my own….

Ya Allah..please give me some strength..

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Eid Mubarak~

Think it’s still not too late to wish all Muslims…

salam aidilfitri..maaf zahir batin..


love ,


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Penantian itu…

” I trust ur knowledge bout Islam..I know ur a good student, gonna be a good Muslim doctor..hope u’ll never change..please take care…”

masih menanti...

Bukankah penantian tanda kesabaran?

Adakah ia satu kesalahan?

I know i’m not perfect

I’m a girl with so many defects

Namun tidak kusanggup dirimu berdosa

Andainya diriku menjadi punca

Jika benar kerana Ilahi

Akan ku sokong sepenuh hati

“If only u know….

What’s inside my heart that I never show”

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